Chaos Warp Works βšͺπŸ”΄πŸŸ’| Historic Bo1 MTG Arena

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3 Arcane Bombardment
3 Chaos Warp
3 Primal Command
3 Weathered Runestone
3 Grafdigger's Cage
1 Doomskar
4 Fragment Reality
4 Sundown Pass
4 Valakut Awakening
1 Settle the Wreckage
1 Day of Judgment
1 Wrath of God
4 Jetmir's Garden
4 Sacred Foundry
3 Overgrown Farmland
4 Temple Garden
1 Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire
1 Boseiju, Who Endures
4 Seize the Spoils
3 Escape to the Wilds
2 Wish
1 Cleansing Nova
1 Plains
1 Mountain
1 Forest Sideboard
1 Grafdigger's Cage
1 Weathered Runestone
1 Pithing Needle
1 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
1 Emeria's Call
1 Teferi's Protection
1 Approach of the Second Sun TIMESTAMPS:
00:00 – Start
00:21 – Deck tech
03:44 – Game 1 vs. Sultai Peer Combo
17:38 – Game 2 vs. Grixis Control Jank
22:37 – Game 3 vs. Mono Red Goblins
27:10 – Game 4 vs. Mono Red Dragons
34:41 – Game 5 vs. Azorius Control
39:58 – Game 6 vs. Mardu superfriends
48:58 – Game 7 vs. Sultai Mutate
54:44 – Stats If you would like your clip taken out of the video or submit a clip for next weeks video, please email me at
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Dank Jank: Mono Red Artifact Aggro Surprise in SNC Standard | Mtg Arena

Dev goes into the Arena to see if Goldhound was exactly the card Mono Red Artifacts needed to get its' engine running! There's a special twist, though; this deck can do massive damage out of nowhere!
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All Links: 00:00 Deck Tech
02:47 Gameplay
38:49 Deck Review
4 Lotus Cobra
5 Mountain
2 Kazandu Mammoth
4 Scute Swarm
4 Brushfire Elemental
3 Plains
2 Jetmir, Nexus of Revels
5 Forest
1 Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second
4 Felidar Retreat
3 Phylath, World Sculptor
3 Devilish Valet
1 Skyclave Pick-Axe
2 Akoum Hellhound
4 Evolving Wilds
3 Jetmir's Garden
4 Cabaretti Courtyard
1 Brokers Hideout
2 The Restoration of Eiganjo
1 Tangled Florahedron
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Ruining a Magic Designer’s Day with Goblin Questions | Feat. Gavin Verhey

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Hello all! Been a hectic few weeks, but things are coming together (thanks to your support) and I'm so excited to see what this year brings! To get a wee sneak preview, head over to my patreon and see what goals we passed (hint: before the Moneey video, I had yet to hit the Lorwyn/Tarkir goal!). My next few videos are planned, if not in production, and I have some fun ideas of how I'm gonna change up the patreon in the coming year as well. Blessed day to you all, Spice x -Tags-
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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS INSTANT WIN COMBO! Mono Red | Inferno of the Star Mounts MTG Arena

Time to dive into some of the more EXCITING COMBOS of the Dungeons & Dragons set which includes this Mono Red INSTANT WIN COMBO featuring none of than Inferno of the Star Mounts. MTG Arena is gettin' SPICY!
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7 WINS 1 LOSS πŸŸ¦β¬›οΈβ¬œοΈ The Most POWERFUL Deck in Standard | Esper Midrange | MTG Arena Standard

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Twitter – esper blue black white aggro midrange standard 2022 MTG arena deck guide and gameplay with commentary. #mtg #magic_the_gathering #mtg_arena Deck
4 Raffine's Tower (SNC) 254
4 Obscura Charm (SNC) 208
1 Island (SNC) 265
2 Plains (SNC) 263
4 Toluz, Clever Conductor (SNC) 228
4 Void Rend (SNC) 230
4 Raffine, Scheming Seer (SNC) 213
3 Elspeth Resplendent (SNC) 11
3 Ledger Shredder (SNC) 46
3 Tenacious Underdog (SNC) 97
4 Hengegate Pathway (KHM) 260
3 Kaito Shizuki (NEO) 226
4 Brightclimb Pathway (ZNR) 259
4 Clearwater Pathway (ZNR) 260
1 Shattered Sanctum (VOW) 264
1 Deserted Beach (MID) 260
1 Shipwreck Marsh (MID) 267
1 Agadeem's Awakening (ZNR) 90
4 Intrepid Adversary (MID) 25
1 Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire (NEO) 268
2 Make Disappear (SNC) 49
2 Hopeful Initiate (VOW) 20 Live Sex

CRIMSON VOW | MTG Arena Full Set Review Guide

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Historic Life Gain (not that one) | Magic Arena

This life gain deck is much the same premise as the Soul Warden/Ajani's Pridemate version: gain life, trigger rewards. What this one doesn't do is fold to a board wipe. This deck is a work in progress to find a life gain deck that's much more solid in many match-ups and will see further videos as it's tuned. Deck list:
4 Griffin Aerie (M21) 22
1 Plains (SNC) 263
2 Crested Sunmare (AKR) 11
4 Panicked Bystander (VOW) 28
4 Lightning Helix (STA) 62
1 Swamp (SNC) 267
4 Oath of Kaya (WAR) 209
1 Mountain (SNC) 269
4 Indulging Patrician (M21) 219
3 Demonic Pact (AKR) 99
2 Harmless Offering (EMN) 131
2 Tenacious Underdog (SNC) 97
2 Erebos's Intervention (THB) 94
2 Ob Nixilis, the Adversary (SNC) 206
3 Divine Purge (Y22) 4
3 Savai Triome (IKO) 253
1 Concealed Courtyard (KLR) 282
4 Godless Shrine (RNA) 248
4 Blood Crypt (RNA) 245
2 Haunted Ridge (MID) 263
4 Sacred Foundry (GRN) 254
1 Sundown Pass (VOW) 266
2 Shattered Sanctum (VOW) 264 Social links:
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Streets of New Capenna Drafts! | StreamsGoodMagic

Recorded on 5/25/2022. Alex Stephenson playing Magic the Gathering Arena (MTGA) with Streets of New Capenna drafts for
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Arcane Bombardment Standard Ranked super Jank | Scoop Phase MTG

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